Mostaza Tag

All our apparel and some of our accessories have a small tag called: Mostaza Tag, and it has its own story.

In the early stages of designing our products we decided that each one would share a hallmark that would be recognizable at a glance.

Far from eroding the elegance and charm of 9 The Brand products, this tag enhances them.

As for color, yellow is one of the most visible colors day and night, but we didn't want the label to be bright yellow, artificial and neon. We wanted it to be a more subtle and natural yellow, to blend well with the other colors we were using for our collection.

While we were sharing meals in Berlin and Madrid planning what we wanted 9 The Brand to become, we realized that we were having a lot of mustard!

And what"s more natural than a color that takes it name from a plant?

We are the Mustard tag. We are Regenerative Fashion. We are 9 The Brand.