Regenerative Fashion

Sustainable fashion is trendy, but the current situation is not sustainable and neither is its future. The environment is at a critical point where causing little or no damage is not enough.

At 9 The Brand we want to be more than just sustainable. We have created Regenerative Fashion that goes one step further and gives back more resources to the planet than we use.

We are proud to be a carbon negative emitter: we measure our carbon footprint and reverse our impact.

At the end of each purchase you will choose which environmental cause you want us to donate to. You are Regenerative Fashion.

We have defined the 9 main ideas that Regenerative Fashion is based on. This is our mantra and manifesto.

CO2 Removal

We measure our carbon emissions and take actions to reverse our impact


A percentage of every purchase will be donated to an environmental cause as chosen by our customers

Ethical Decision Making

First we review a decision’s ethical impact, and then its business viability, not the other way around


Our products are made with the highest possible quality, therefore extending their usability


You as a customer are fully aware of who we are and how we work, knowing exactly what you buy


We are starting 9 The Brand from scratch with fully traceable supply chains

Circular Economy

Reusing or recycling our clothes instead of disposing them. We facilitate the circularity of our products and their reuse

Small Production Runs

We are committed to small production runs, thus limiting their possible textile waste and environmental impact

Empoqering our Customers

Our tools and initiatives empower our customers to become an active and fundamental part in the regenerative future