Our Donations

At 9 The Brand we donate 10% of all benefits from your purchases to the environmental cause of your choice:

Cleaning the Oceans

More than 150 million tons of plastics flood our oceans killing species, destroying ecosystems and exposing us to harmful chemicals.

Single-use plastics account for 50% of these. We should be cautious of our use of plastics and protect our oceans.


We need urgent action to mitigate climate change and global reforestation is one of the most effective strategies.

A 25% increase in forest area would capture more than 200 gigatons of carbon from the atmosphere, equivalent to 25% of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

CO2 Removal

The Paris Agreement aims to keep the global temperature rises below 2°C to reduce the risks and impacts of climate change.

The removal of CO2 from the atmosphere is essential to maintain global warming below 2°C.

At the end of the purchase you can choose where you want us to donate our 10%.