Our Packaging

Being a Regenerative Fashion brand means adopting its 9 values in everything we do, and that includes packaging. We do not want to share our environmental achievements and then send your shirt wrapped in a plastic bag.

All our packaging is environmentally friendly, it helps you store and take care of your 9 The Brand items, it can be easily recycled, and in some cases it can even be used to plant a garden.

We set out to design the best possible packaging that guarantees you receive your purchase in perfect conditions and that excites you about your 9 The Brand products.

We want your unboxing experience to be unique.

Our Tote Bags are made of 100% organic cotton and are used to comfortably pack T-shirts, sweatshirts and jerseys.

On one side of the tote bag you can find the 9 The Brand logo and on the other a message related to Regenerative Fashion: our first edition of Tote Bags encourages you to Stop Wasting.

Our jewelry box has been designed as a small drawer in which to store your jewelry items and is made of FSC certified cardboard.

A Mustard tag will open the drawer where you will find a protective cover and a note with the care tips that will help you keep your jewelry in perfect condition.

This elegant box for beanies, also made of FSC certified cardboard, will provide you with an effective way to store these products, keeping them safe from dust.

Our protective pouch helps keep the Timeless chrome-free leather travel Bag like new, at home or abroad. The main attributes of the travel bag are printed on this pouch: it is timeless and made of 100% Spanish leather.

Seed paper is an innovative paper made with live seeds that, if planted and irrigated, will flourish!

You will find our Thank You note in each of your purchases and we invite and encourage you to plant them and watch them grow. Before you know it, you can have a small garden that will help capture CO2.

All limited edition items will come with a numbered seed paper tag that you can also add to your garden.

Yes, we have also thought about this! Our adhesive tape is made using 100% natural kraft paper and vegetable glue.

Our protective filling is 100% natural and biodegradable kraft paper, with a resistance far superior to that of normal paper due to its wood fibers, and it is also fully recyclable.

All our shipping boxes are made of FSC certified cardboard, which protect our products and are made of at least 70% recycled materials. These boxes are fully recyclable.