Our Materials

The materials used at 9 The Brand reflect the values behind Regenerative Fashion and stand out for their high quality and environmental friendliness.
Organic Cotton

A more efficient use of water, without synthetic fertilizers and without toxic waste make this material softer, more breathable and beneficial to the skin than traditional cotton.

Our organic cotton supports local economies and ensures fair labor conditions.

Lambswool and Merino Wool

With finer, softer and higher quality fibers than traditional wool, our merino wool is cleaner, does not cause itching or skin irritation and is incredibly durable.

These fibers create small air pockets that help maintain body temperature in cold as well as hot climates.

Our wool at 9 The Brand comes from a controlled production in Florence, which prioritizes the welfare of the sheep both in its environment and in the techniques used during shearing.

Gold Plated Recycled Sterling Silver

Industrial mining activities are grouped into one of the most destructive industries in the world. Recycled silver eliminates the energy required to extract the metal from the land and the destruction of natural habitats.

Our recycled sterling silver jewelry, handmade in Spain, is crafted in the same way as regular silver thus obtaining the same results.

Chrome Free Leather

Chrome salts used in tanning and tinting of traditional leather are highly polluting. The environmentally friendly production of our chrome free leather, when compared to the traditional leather, allow us to reduce the consumption of electricity, water, gas, chemicals and the emission of CO2.

Compared to synthetic leather, known to be highly pollutant and to use non-renewable materials like PVC and polyester, our chrome free leather, being a biodegradable natural fiber, ensures higher quality and durability.